CO2 emissions
  • CO2 emissions were lower

    CO2 emissions were lower

    CO2 emissions fell by nearly 6% year-on-year in 2019. Despite an increase in fossil-fired thermal generation over the period, related emissions declined, reflecting the marked shift from coal- to gas-fired generation, which emits significantly less carbon.

    CO2 emissions from own consumption reached an estimated 2.8 million tonnes (+7% relative to 2018). They are included in the carbon footprint assessments of the industrial sites in question.


    CO2 emissions excluding own consumption (millions of tonnes) 2019 2018
    Net production 19,2 20,4
    Fossil-fired thermal 17,5 18,7
    of which coal 1,5 5,6
    of which oil 1,2 1,1
    of which gas 14,8 12
    Wind power
    Solar power
    Municipal waste (incineration) 1,7 1,7


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